This guide walks through all the features available in the Project management app of Vtiger, 
to help Project Managers and Projects team to track their project work and meet their project goals.

Who should read this Guide?

  1. Project Managers
  2. Project team members
  3. Administrators

Project management process overview

Here are the features related to Project management lifecycle

  • Map Opportunity fields to Project fields to enable Opportunity to Project conversion.
  • Convert a deal to a Project on closure without losing any historical data captured during the sales cycle
  • Track Project Duration, Effort, and Budget customize Projects to capture project specific data such as Total Time Spent, Effort variance, and Cost variance
  • Setting up Workflows to automate activity follow-ups, project task reminders, billing reminders and update any downstream modules
2. Assign Project tasks to user and track status, effort and schedule
  • Create your project plan and assign project tasks to team members and external contractors. Project tasks can be grouped by Project or a Project milestone.
  • Customizing Project tasks module to capture time spent on a task and roll-up actual time spent on Project level using workflows
  • Get a visual progress chart using Gantt chart tool and track any blockers for task completion
  • Your customers can view project progress by logging into customer self-service portal
3. Bringing all your Project data into one place
  • Importing customer data from a CSV file or a third-party app like Google Contacts or Office 365
  • Bringing Projects and related data from a third-party project management app
  • Link Project collaterals and related artifacts using Documents module
  • Creating and customizing Lists to access individual tasks, group tasks using Shared Lists, overdue tasks, unbilled tasks, tasks with no time log etc.
  • Scheduling Events to track project meetings with internal team or customers. Use Google or Office 365integration to sync your events from or to Vtiger.
  • Task manager helps you to keep track of To-dos related to the Project.
  • Zapier can integrate your favorite event or task management apps with Vtiger.
  • Keep all customer communication in one place using Emails module.
5. Collaborate internally to move them forward during Project execution
  • If you need assistance from an expert in the organization before you can do that, @tag them in a comment that instantly lets them know to take a look.
  • Vtiger ensures that you’re always in the know with on-screen, SMS, or email alerts that notify you if a project or project task is assigned to you or a smart alert on a project task that is due in sometime. Keep track of important projects or tasks and never miss an update by following a record. Admins can configure the rules in Notification settings.
  • Organize your projects data with personalized(private) tags such as “Code review pending”, “Log Project task time” or share a tag with all project users such as “Tasks approved for billing”
6. Project billing and rate cards

Projects may be executed as a Fixed price project or a Time and material based project. The cost in a Fixed price project is defined at a project level and billed on completion of a milestone or end of the project. Projects with Time and material mode of execution are billed at a task level or resource level and billed on completion of milestone or a defined billing cycle. Based on the type of project, setup rate card with a project or a task using Picklist Dependencies.

7. Task approval and Invoice generation
  • Project Tasks that are time and material may need task approval before billing. Send Tasks for approval to internal manager or external parties via workflows
  • Generate an Invoice for approved tasks using Invoice generator when a Project is ready for billing.
  • Customize your Invoice PDF generated using Print Templates
  • Personalize Email content using Email Templates
8. Signing Agreements and Invoices
  • Get Project Agreement and Invoices digitally signed in seconds with DocuSign integration.
9. Project performance reporting and Dashboards
  • Track your project team activity, project tasks and project performance on your dashboard.
  • Track project metrics such as planned vs actual effort, planned vs actual duration by Project task or Project milestone, or Project, or Customer using Reports.
  • Create custom reports and charts and pin it to your dashboard
10. Integrating Vtiger with Accounting applications

Synchronize contacts, products, and invoices between Vtiger and your company’s accounting system without any manual entry using any of the following integration

  • Quick books
  • Xero
  • Tally
  • PayPal
11. Integrating Vtiger with Contact & Email applications
  • Google
  • Office 365
  • Outlook
  • Use Zapier integration to connect Vtiger with 300 + applications via a zap
12. Integrating Vtiger with Telephony & SMS providers
  • Plivo
  • Twilio
13. Integrating Vtiger with Documents management applications
  • Google Drive
  • Drop box
14. Vtiger’s sidebar for Gmail

While reading an email from a Contact, you might have often felt the need to look up the recent notes, opportunity status, or related tickets for that contact. Vtiger CRM for Gmail, a Chrome extension, gives you everything you need to know about the Contact, right within your Gmail window. Click here for more details.

15. Getting business done on the road with the Mobile app

Be connected to your customers and don’t miss any activity while you are on the road using Vtiger mobile app.

  • IPhone
  • IPad
  • Android

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