Account Settings

  • Adding company details
  • Changing password
  • Configuring outgoing emails
  • Configuring incoming emails
  • Organizing menu bar
  • Changing date, themes, timezone, etc
  • Customizing field labels, tab names & other strings


  • Setting up workflows
  • Capturing website visitors as leads
  • Configuring mailbox to convert emails to suitable entities

Configuring Fields

  • Creating custom fields
  • Re-arranging fields
  • Editing field properties
  • Deleting custom fields
  • Customizing picklist fields

Creating and Importing Modules

  • Creating a New Module
  • Importing custom modules

Configuring Modules

  • Deactivating unwanted modules
  • Activating deactivated modules


  • Tagging important records
  • Jumping to a selected page in list view of records
  • Adding custom lists to dashboard
  • Languages supported by Vtiger CRM
  • Disabling and configuring fields in summary view
  • Performing mass operations on selected records
  • Exporting Comments

Organizing Data

  • Importing records from existing files
  • Creating custom filters

Finding Duplicates

  • Finding and managing duplicate records
  • Finding and managing duplicate records while importing records
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